Friday, December 14, 2007

Vaggelis Vekios, drummer, for the magazine GALERA

This is the story. They called me up from the magazine for the portrait with the interview with Vaggelis Vekios. I do not know of him, but he is famous drummer in Greece. They send me few portrait photographs and the interview. No usable key words in the text. No photograph of the man playing. Deadline- 2 days. What should I do to make it interesting? Make his portrait on a drum? No. Try to make him playing the instrument using some other musician's photo as a reference? - But what if he has some characteristic style of playing - holding the sticks - that I do not know about? ...Finally, I remembered the red calligraphic image I made previously. These unreadable letters do create a sense o0f rhythm and red is energy... Here's the final result.

And here are the stages and variations. Making copy of stages of work and making an animation of it usually produces nice results.


Vladimir Bursac said...

Great idea, great portrait! Bravo!

Bravo imenjace! Odlicna ideja, odlican portret. Majstorski si resio problem!
Hristos se rodi i srecna ti Nova (ako se ne cujemo do tada) ;o)

Anonymous said...