Tuesday, November 6, 2007

M is for Music

Illustrations for the book from which children learn to read. Half way to be finished the project was cancelled, and I was very sorry because I planned to dedicate the book to Ana, Jana, Jovana, Margherita, Mia and Sara. I imagined their proud faces when they show the book to their classmates
The figures were done separately, in watercolor, each being rather small, 4-5 cm (1.5-2 inches). Watercolor looks good when printed bigger then the original size, I think, that is why I show the close-up of musician's faces, I am specially proud of the expression of the drummer's face (top left).


Vladimir Bursac said...

Zdravo imenjace!
Nas zajednicki prijatelj i kolega, Dusan Pavlic, mi je poslao adresu tvog bloga.
Blog ti je zaista sjajan. Jako mi se svidjaju tvoji radovi: odlicne karikature, sveze slikane akvarelom, vrhunska kaligrafija...
Sve najbolje u daljem zivotu i radu!

3ster said...

Brilliant characters!!!
I like your blog.


Mauricio said...

nice work.

Joe Karg said...

Holy cow. I love your watercolors. I have been painting with watercolor for about two years now and my approach is nowhere near this. I love how bright this piece is.