Monday, July 28, 2008

Mr. Hristoforako’s Portrait Story

I was assigned by the magazine “Life & Style” to make a portrait of Mr. Hristoforakos for an article about the Siemens scandal. I made severals sketches with different concepts, and finally the concept with big pockets was chosen.
Most of the times I make my sketches on paper, this one was a digital drawing.

I came to an idea to do this illustration the unusual way. I printed the digital sketch light on 2 watercolor papers. While waiting for one to dry, I’d work on the other one, and use the one I like more.

I scanned both papers, and when I put one in a layer on top the other in the multiply mode, I liked the result.

After some color adjustments and a little retouching on the eyes I sent it to the art director, to show him this stage, with the idea to work a bit more on the hands and few other details, but it was decided to go as is!

I may do it for myself later on, but I am happy with the result…

Click on the image to see it bigger


Vladimir Bursać said...

Bravo imenjače! Kako je samo sveže!
Sa tobom nema šale :o)

Nelson Santos said...

Nice work good to found this blog interesting the way you did it scanning and painting, have to try that one these days.